Best Before 1996

by Kris on June 21, 2011

You’re probably wondering if I fell off the face of the earth. Well, not quite, although Canada is pretty close. The last month has been so hectic as Greg and I spent most of our time traveling to different cities visiting friends and family. Now that I am finally settled in, it’s time for Munchin with Munchkin’s comeback!

I have several recipe ideas I’m dying to try but there’s one small obstacle; my mother’s fridge. As you all know, I am a condiment junkie. What you probably don’t know is my mum is a condiment hoarder. She claims she has no idea how her fridge became a storage unit for sauce and pickles but I think she secretly has an obsession with all things condiment. I imagine her sneaking out late in the night to purchase hoisin sauce and horseradish, relishing in her secret addiction.

Today I decided to tackle said monstrosity and organize her fridge. Bountiful with jars of jam, pickles, and salad dressing the contents of her fridge were pulled apart. It was a plethora of best before dates from 2010 and beyond. As I pulled out the final jar of jam at the back of the fridge I was completely shocked to read ‘best before April 1996’. I was ten years old in 1996! Bill Clinton was the president of The United States in 1996!! That jar of jam was only 3 years away from voting age! It could even drive a car in some provinces!

After hours of shock and awe everything is organized and nothing that would be graduating high school in two years resides in our fridge. Give me a few days and Munchin with Munchkin will be business as usual. Until then I’ll be hauling out the heaping bags of trash.

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