Edible Christmas Gift Roundup

by Kris on December 19, 2011

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the kind comments over the past few days. I am so grateful to have such lovely readers. Thank you!

California is wonderful. I’ve been enjoying delicious food, picturesque views, great company and soon to be family. It really can’t get any better.

With Christmas right around the corner there is no better time to start your holiday baking. This roundup of edible Christmas gifts has something for everyone, from your vegan niece to your calorie counting friend. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Fat Free Gingersnaps

Vanilla Extract

Mexican Hot Cocoa Mix

Chai Concentrate

Guava Hibiscus Soda Syrup

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Maple Marshmallows

Strawberry Mango Hibiscus Fruit Leather

Candied Ginger

Candied Pomelo Rind

Candied Spiced Pecans

Candy Cane Bark

Cranberry Pistachio Bark

Cowboy Cookies

Oatmeal Raisinet Cookies

Fruit Loop Whoopie Pies

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